Help Kids Settle Into a New Town: 5 Ways to Help Them Feel at Home

Moving is stressful for anyone in the family, but it can be tough on little ones. But, between unpacking boxes, setting up utilities, securing your new home, and taking care of all the other nuances that go along with moving, helping your kids get settled into their new community can be fun for everyone. So here are ways you can help your kids start to feel at home in their new neighborhood. 

1. Go for a walk — without a destination. 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything you need to do as you get settled into your own house. Taking a kid-directed walk without a time limit provides your kids with free (supervised) reign to take in the sights and sounds around your new home. If you don’t live in an area where you can easily head out for a walk, pack up the little ones and take them to a park or nature preserve and let them check out plants and animals at their own pace. 

2. Hit up a new sweet treat spot once a week. 

One great thing about moving to a new town is exploring all the delicious food the area offers! Eating out regularly can get expensive — especially when you consider all the costs associated with moving. Having dessert in a new way once a week provides a fun, inexpensive way to give your kids something to look forward to as you get to know your new town together. 

3. Celebrate local sports teams. 

Cheering on your local baseball, football, or basketball team is a great way to help your kids feel like a part of the community. Of course, if your area doesn’t have a professional team, no worries — even hitting up a local high school game or checking out the scene at the little league field can help your kids feel more at home. 

4. Consider a pet if you don’t already have one. 

We know — moving is stressful enough without adding any new responsibilities to the list, but trust us on this one. Your family is creating new routines — adding a pet to the mix can provide your kids with a sense of security, responsibility, and joy. 

5. Set the positivity tone. 

Your kids will copy your attitude — for better or for worse. So do what you need to do to take care of yourself, whether exercise, meditation, kicking back with a good movie, and inviting your kids to join you. Family de-stressing can be a great way to bond and settle in together. 

Above all else, consider your kids as you decide how to help them feel at home. For example, extroverted kids might love diving right into a team sport, while introverted kids may prefer to spend some time wandering around a children’s museum or nature center to get a feel for the area. 

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