How to Pack Antiques

1. If you have high value items, you may want to get them appraised before your move. Create an inventory of your items and their value. When you speak with a Schroeder representative, ask about a protection plan and declare your high-value item.

2. Some antique or high-value items may require special care or cleaning before moving begins. Check with a local antique dealer or hardware store.

3. To start packing, wrap fragile items in bubble wrap and then packing paper. Smaller items should be wrapped in brightly colored paper so they aren’t lost in a box. Large items like furniture can be wrapped with thick pads to protect them.

4. Place them in a box and line the gaps with crumpled paper so items don’t shift. Secure the box with tape and label.

5. If you’re moving high-value items, you or a trusted representative should be present on the day of the move to oversee that the fragile items are handled with care.