7 Tips for Moving Out of a Rental and Getting Your Deposit Back

Moving out of a rental home can be incredibly stressful. That’s because your landlord is likely holding a security deposit. That sum of money could be beneficial when moving into a new home, so you want to be sure you get it back.

Here is a list of top tips for moving out of a rental, keeping your landlord happy, and getting your security deposit back.

1. Consult Your Lease

A good lease agreement will include information about how to end your lease. This will consist of how many days are needed for a move-out notice, expected maintenance, how to transfer utilities, and more. 

Fully understanding your lease is an essential part of getting your deposit back.

2. Send Your Move-Out Notice

The sooner you can tell your landlord you’ll be moving out, the better. Many rental contracts will require the tenant to provide at least 30 days of notice before moving out.

A move-out notice should include:

  • The move-out date
  • The tenant’s new address
  • The condition of the rental property
  • A request for return of security deposit

3. Make Repairs

The simple act of living in a home can cause wear and tear. Moving out of the property and leaving it in the same condition as when you arrived is the most sure-fire way to receive your security deposit.

Paint walls back to the original color (if required), patch any holes from hanging art, and make any other repairs. You may need to have kitchen appliances repaired, replace light bulbs, or have carpets cleaned. Document any repairs you make and keep the receipts handy. 

4. Pay Your Rent and Bills

Paying your last month’s rent is essential to receiving your security deposit. Some tenants assume the security deposit can be used as the last month’s rent, but that is rarely the case. Pay the previous month’s rent on time, just like any other month.

Similarly, you’ll need to pay any utility and service bills as usual. But, again, pay off any balances and arrange to have service disconnected on your moving day. Otherwise, the landlord can take unpaid bills out of your security deposit. 

5. Remove Everything

Moving can be stressful, and you may want to leave undesired items behind. However, a landlord can take money out of your security deposit to remove your unwanted items.

Dispose of all unwanted items, take out the trash, and check all storage spaces before handing over the keys. 

6. Clean Thoroughly

Cleaning can have a significant impact on your security deposit. A spotless home is much more likely to make your landlord happy and encourage them to return your deposit. 

Not much of a cleaner? Hire a cleaning company to ensure the home is as clean or cleaner than the day you entered. Book a reliable and affordable cleaning company ahead of time to allow yourself time to budget and prepare. 

7. Schedule an Inspection

It may be easier to move out of the home and never look back, but scheduling an inspection with your landlord is essential. Give them at least a week’s notice of your desired inspection date. 

Be on time for the move-out inspection and discuss any issues with your landlord. Request the return of your deposit once the home and repairs have been deemed acceptable. 

Making the Move

A moving company can be especially helpful in moving out of a rental home and into a new one. So contact our team to make your next move the easiest one yet.