Key Characteristics of a Great Moving Company

Moving is a process many people dread. You can be highly excited about your new location, but you may be hesitant because of the countless moving tasks on your to-do list. A quality moving company can assist with every aspect of your move, relieving stress and allowing you to concentrate on the positive changes ahead.

All great moving companies possess several key characteristics. The following are five key characteristics to look for when choosing a top-notch moving company.

Key Characteristics of a Great Moving Company

A simple Google search may result in dozens of moving companies eager to help. You’ll want to choose one that is secure, reliable, and trusted by others in the community. These are five essential qualities to help you find the best moving company for your needs.


A genuinely top-quality moving company will be licensed in their state and by federal authorities. Moving companies must include their Department of Transportation (DOT) licensing numbers online and in advertisements. They must also possess a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration carrier number.

Every state has different licensing requirements for moving companies. Research the requirements in your state and ask the potential companies to show you their licensing. 

Don’t commit to a moving company that is not licensed.

Clear Rates

The moving company you choose should not be trying to mislead you with fine print and hidden fees. A top-quality moving company will provide you with transparent rates based on the services you need. Read the moving contract entirely several times before committing to hiring.

Excellent Customer Service

Quality customer service is an essential aspect of a moving company. The company should respond quickly to all your questions and concerns. Representatives should also be knowledgeable on moving services offered, time frames, and other details.

Numerous Positive Reviews

Customer reviews for most companies are now easy to access online. However, we also suggest contacting your friends and family about local moving companies they’ve used. Hiring a trusted, local company can help you avoid any scams or unreliable companies solely operating online.

Combining recommendations from people you trust and other customer reviews can help you make an educated decision about which company is best for you. In addition, we recommend researching the company’s complaint history with the Mover Registration Search tool on the U.S. Department of Transportation website.

Excellent moving companies tend to stand apart from the rest.

Local Knowledge

Hiring a local moving company has significant advantages. First, you can speak with representatives personally about your specific moving needs. This helps avoid miscommunications, so you receive the exact moving services you need. Local movers can also be more efficient, as they already know your city or region well.

Many local moving companies handle large interstate and even international moves. Speak with a representative to ensure your local moving company can tackle the size and distance of your move.

Move Easier Than Ever

Hiring a quality moving company can relieve much of the stress associated with moving. It can also help save you time so that you can focus on work, your family, or life’s other obligations.

We’re here to help with every aspect of your move, large or small. So contact us for more information and a free quote to get started today.