Secure Your New Home After a Move

You have made your way to your new house to call home with the help of professional movers. However, in a new location in a place that may not yet quite feel like home, you may feel a bit less than secure. About 38 percent of people in the US have a home security system or line of protection, but just after a move, you may not have that system set up just yet. In the lag time between the day you move in and the home security system installation, there are a few things you can do to make your new property as secure and safe as possible.

1. Change Your Locks

The realtor handed you your keys to your new home, and that was likely a great feeling. However, you never really know how many copies of keys are out there in the hands of others. Therefore, one of the first things to do once you get to your new home is to change your door locks

2. Make Sure All Access Points Are Locked

Most homes have a good dozen or more entry points, and you should check entry points first thing. Make your way through the house and make sure:

  • Your windows are locked on every floor
  • Any entry doors – including a side garage door – are appropriately locked and secure
  • Basement or attic entry or access points are secured (e.g., basement windows, attic roof access panels, etc.)

3. Install Your Window Treatments Early On

Lowering visibility into your home thwarts people with ill intent from seeing you, your family, and what you own. For security purposes, make installing blinds, curtains, and other window treatments a top priority when you get to the new place.

4. Keep Your Property Well-Lit

Good lighting can do a lot to deter thieves, vandals, and squatters who may still think the property is empty. For your first few nights in your home, keep the property well-lit, inside and out. Go ahead and replace bulbs in your porch or landscape lights, install new fixtures if needed, and leave a light on in the house when you head to bed.

5. Pick Up a Small Security Camera

Security cameras are far more accessible now than ever. You can pick up a small surveillance camera at most retail and home improvement stores that you can wirelessly connect to your phone or laptop. These cameras can be mounted in just a few minutes and can really help you feel more secure in those initial days at the new place.

Make Your Move Quick and Safe with Professional Movers

Did you know that having professional movers help with your transition can be the safer option when moving? Having pros helping you through the process means the transition happens quickly, fewer onlookers are likely to take notice, and pro movers will not leave your belongings vulnerable positions. 

Reach out to us today. We can provide you with a free quote and get you safely to your new home.