How to Pack the Kitchen

Your kitchen can be one of the toughest rooms to pack because of how many loose and fragile items there can be, not to mention all the perishable food items. Luckily you have our packing tips to take some of the stress away.

1. You’ll want to stock up on the following supplies: large, medium, and small boxes that are sturdy and can be completely closed; packing paper; sealable bags; packing tape; markers for labeling boxes.

2. Begin by wrapping plates individually. When wrapping dishes of the same size, stack them on top of each other and add a layer of packing paper in between them.

3. Start placing the heaviest items on the bottom of the box and lighter items on top. Pack plates by placing them on their edge, not flat. Place crushed paper in between layers.

4. For oddly shaped items, make sure to protect handles with an extra layer of packing paper.

5. Cups can be wrapped individually and packed upside down in the box.

6. Silverware can be wrapped in groups and placed in a silverware tray. Wrap the tray with paper and tape it shut.

7. Knives can be packed separately. Place them on packing paper and fold the paper over them. Alternate their direction and place them in a box labeled “knives.”

8. Cookware such as pots and pans can be wrapped using the same method as plates.

9. Perishable food items should not be taken with on your move. Use packing tape and spillable liquids in sealed plastic bags.