How to Pack the Living Room

1. You’ll want to stock up on the following supplies: boxes that are sturdy and can be completely closed; packing paper; paper pads; tissue paper; packing tape; markers for labeling boxes.

2. When packing lamps, disassemble and pack the base and lamp shade separately. Discard the bulb. Pack the shade by itself using a box that’s at least a few inches larger; fill the empty space with packing paper. Wrap the base with paper pads and wrap the power cord. Place it in the carton upright surrounded by crumpled packing paper.

3. Next are mirrors and glass frames. Because these are fragile, they’re best packed by professionals. However, if you choose to pack them yourself, wrap the mirror in paper and pack it in a special carton designed for mirrors. Tape shut and label.

4. For electronics like TVs and computers, the best option is to pack them in their original boxes, if you still have them. Otherwise, they’ll require a special carton. For TVs and computer monitors, wrap the screen in a bubble or foam wrap and pack it upright in the box. Fill empty space with packing paper. Label the box 

5. Wrap cables and pack them in a separate box. Label which devices they belong to.