Storage & Warehouse

When moving, warehousing and storage becomes an important consideration for many people. For those moving within Wisconsin, the solution is simple—Schroeder Moving Systems. Whenever you need storage, our warehouses can meet your need.

Secured Modern Government Approved Storage FacilitiesStorage forklift

We offer  over 200,000 square feet of modern warehouse.  Our facilities are secure temperature-controlled locations throughout Wisconsin. When you select Schroeder Moving Systems as your storage provider we offer flexible options for storage.  From Do-it yourself to full service packing, and wrapping services. We provide options for short and long term storage needs.

Our Facilities at a Glance:     

We have the following security and safety features:

  • Wet Sprinkler System/Smoke Detectors
  •  Racked Storage
  •  24-hr Monitored Security System
  • Palletized Storage
  • Portable Container Storage
  • Climate Control


 Short-Term Storage

Store your belongings at one of our facilities until you get settled into your new home. Schroeder Moving Systems offers 1 to 90-day storage-in-transit (SIT) services at both of our facilities to ensure you have as much time needed to get settled in your new home.

 Long-Term Storage

Not sure where to go with some of your items? Not everything fits right now but you don’t want to lose them? Keep your belongings safe and secure. You have options, while you figure out your needs your valuables will be pad-wrapped in a fully-enclosed, size and climate customizable storage vault. This is our most secure long-term solution.

 Keep your belongings safe and secure, there are times when you may not be able to move your belongings directly into your new home or office. Don’t worry! We have storage solutions to meet your needs whether planned or unplanned, short-term or long-term.

Portable Container Storage: 

Schroeder Moving Systems offers portable storage containers ranging from 12 feet to 20 feet in length available to be delivered for use on your site. With a portable storage container, you can take a month (or more) to fill the storage container at your own pace and on your own time. When you are ready, we can return to transport the container to one of  our secure warehouse facilities or to your new home to await unloading. Alternatively, if you are not moving, a portable storage container can provide temporary on-site storage while you are renovating or decluttering your home.

 Commercial Storage and Moving

 Besides our residential storage options, we also offer commercial storage solutions for offices and businesses. Whether you are downsizing, have excess stock, or are relocating, our warehousing services can provide for all your short-term or long-term storage needs. With our team of certified packers, loaders, and van operators, we can package and transport your equipment, furnishings, and merchandise for you. You can rest easy knowing that our knowledgeable staff is capable of handling the most fragile of shipments.

 Whether you are planning to move and need storage, are looking for temporary storage at your current location, or are in need of long-term temperature-controlled storage in a secure facility.

 To request a free no-obligation quote from Schroeder Moving Systems, click the “Free Quote” button on this page. You can also request a quote or secure your booking by requesting our services:

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PORTABLE CONTAINER STORAGE FOR COMMERCIAL USE: Schroeder Moving Systems offers portable containers for your project or event, we can provide the resources and support in addition to the on-demand storage needs that may be required at your site. Retail businesses can also take advantage of our portable storage containers for creating additional on-site storage. For those times of the year when inventory escalates, a portable storage container can provide a secure place to expand while preventing boxes from accumulating underfoot, thus maintaining a safe working environment