Unigroup Migration Study: More People Moving Out of Wisconsin Than Moving In

The United Van Lines 43rd Annual National Movers Study is out. During 2019, Wisconsin experienced almost the same amount of interstate movers arriving as those who were leaving. Last year there were slightly more outbound movers with 47% of Wisconsin’s interstate movers coming in and 53% were leaving the state.

This appears to be par for the course as Wisconsin has had a net neutral amount of interstate movers every year for the past decade.

Nearly half of all outbound movers cited job opportunities elsewhere as their primary reason for leaving. Yet middle-aged and older demographics were more likely to move: about 50% of outbound movers were in the 55-64 and 64+ demographics.

Incoming movers also cited job opportunities as the main reason for coming to Wisconsin as well as moving to be closer to family. The age demographics for incoming movers were split relatively evenly.

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