Five Items You’ll Want To Move In Your Personal Vehicle — NOT In The Moving Truck

It’s your worst nightmare during a move — getting to your new home and realizing you can’t find your passport, birth certificate, or treasured family keepsake. Unfortunately, it’s easy for essential items to get misplaced (or worse — thrown away or left behind) during a move.

There are some items you’ll want to keep with you as you travel to your new home. Check out this list of important things to keep by your side as you work through the moving process.


Irreplaceable family heirlooms and keepsakes are priceless, and you’ll want to be sure you keep these items safe throughout your move. Pack photo albums, diplomas, old family portraits, heirloom jewelry, and other items with exceptional value in a safe place. It’s normal to have these things strewn about the house in day-to-day life. A few months before your move, set aside an area for keepsakes and heirlooms, and place them in that designated spot when you come across them in your home. Before you begin to box up your life, place these items in a safe container and decide how you’re going to travel with them to your new home.

Birth Certificates

It’s a pain to get a new birth certificate. Keeping your family’s certificates close to you is wise. If you don’t already have a filing system for important documents, this is a great time to get organized. A small plastic filing box (that you can later place in a locked, safe storage area in your new home) is a great place to put documents like birth certificates, social security cards, and naturalization papers.


If you’re flying, it’s wise to have your passport on you. Even if you aren’t, getting a new passport can be stressful, and it’s easier to keep it with you than have to dig it out of a storage box years down the line. Keep your passports with your birth certificates in your important documents box.


We’ve already covered heirloom items, but you should also keep jewelry that’s important to you close. Small things like earrings and rings can easily get left behind or misplaced during the moving process. Just like family heirlooms, set aside an area for jewelry that you come across as you pack and clean your home in preparation for your move.


When you move, life still happens. Debit cards get lost, bank accounts get hacked — it’s a pain, but most people experience these issues from time to time. Having a small amount of cash on you ensures that you’ll still be able to get gas, food, etc., if you run into issues with your bank account while you’re moving.

Prepping for a Move? We Can Help!

Moving is tough — especially when you’re trying to figure it all out on your own. However, when you work with a professional moving company, you benefit from years of experience. Reach out to us today to talk about how we can help you transition smoothly into your new home.