8 Ways to Simplify Your Next Move to a New Home

Even undertaking a small apartment move can be a challenge, and packing up for a large family brings about even more complexities. To help you avoid as much stress and inconvenience as possible, here are some tips for simplifying your next move to a new home.

Tip #1: Declutter Your Home

It only takes more time and energy to pack, move, and unpack household items that you really don’t need, want, or use. Tame the clutter through donations, trash, sales, or recycling as far in advance of the move as possible to have a more realistic picture of what you’ll face on moving day.

Tip #2: Prepare a Detailed Moving List

Taking time to prepare a master moving list is essential to a smoother move all around. Outline a plan of essentials to-do, and create a timeline to achieve each task, including obtaining supplies, packing, utilities, school and medical records, and hiring movers.

Tip #3: Secure Essential Moving Supplies

The need for boxes and tape is evident, but that’s only the beginning of having a solid packing plan before moving. Easing the transition also requires labels for boxes, scissors, packing paper, and bubble wrap. Pick up a handy carryall to tote items from room to room and keep them organized. Having a dolly on hand to prevent injuries and back strain might be a good idea, too.

Tip #4: Research Food Options in Your New Town

One thing you likely won’t have on hand right away—especially during a long-distance move—is food. Take some time to explore the various delivery services for groceries and restaurants to ease your duties as you unpack and get settled in.

Tip #5: Arrange for Essential Home Services

Be sure to search for the best utility companies and arrange for service to be connected a day or two before your arrival. You’ll want to have scheduled providers for essentials such as electricity, gas, Internet, television, water, and a security system.

Tip #6: Transfer Vital Records

Families with children will want to officially arrange for a transfer of documents to confirm their new school status. You should secure medical records from providers or make arrangements to get pertinent health documents and current prescriptions sent to new providers. It will be especially useful if you contact local schools and doctors beforehand to streamline the process.

Tip #7: Pack an Essentials Kit

There will be items that you will need to access right away after or during the move. Pack an essentials kit, a personal suitcase with ample toiletries, and clothing in your vehicle for convenience and comfort. If traveling with pets, include a bag with food and water along with bowls to meet their needs. If you’re moving with kids, a cooler of beverages and snacks will make their journey (and yours) more pleasant.

Tip #8: Employ Movers for Packing Help and Transportation

Packing can be exhausting but not as much as loading and unloading it from a moving van or truck. Those heavy couches, mattresses, and chairs can be loaded and transported to your destination with caution by a professional moving company, along with the dozens of boxes you have.

Movers can even handle packing for you if you don’t have time or energy to do it yourself. Contact moving companies for quotes as soon as you know you are moving.

Time to Move

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