5 Time-Saving Moving Hacks for Moving Quickly

In a perfect world, any time you relocate, you would have months to prepare. Sometimes quick property sales, a new job, or other life circumstances can have you moving in an all-out rush. If you have just a few days to get your belongings packed up and on their way, you may need a few time-saving moving hacks to help you set a quick pace.

1. Skip serious sorting and pack things where they are.

The standard moving process involves carefully sorting everything according to the room and where it will eventually be. However, if you’re short on time and need to get moved quickly, skip the major sorting and pack your belongings where they are in the house. 

This kind of packing might take you a little longer on the other end to unpack, but by then, you will be in your new place with more time to spare. For example, if you start out in your bedroom and find a lot of odds and ends that belong in the bathroom or living room, skip bolting from room to room to relocate these items and simply pack them where they are.

2. Create a designated spot for discards or leave-behinds.

If you’re moving in a hurry, you may have to leave a few things behind or discard some items, especially if you’re downsizing or moving in with family or friends. Pick a designated spot in your home that is out of the way and use this area to stash the items you plan to discard or leave behind.

3. Pack your clothing as it is.

Clothing is not necessarily hard to pack. But it does take up a lot of time if it must go from its current location into a box. Instead of handling every piece of clothing you own, pack your clothing as it is. For example:

  • Leave your clothing in your dresser drawers and tape the drawers closed
  • Leave hanging clothes on hangers and place them in a portable wardrobe box, large box, or large garbage bag
  • Leave stored clothing in its storage container and move as is

4. Get all hands on deck.

Moving in a hurry means you will need all the help you can get. Every family member should have a list of jobs to tackle. If you have kids, put them in charge of packing their own rooms. You can always pop in from time to time to make sure they are doing things properly. If you have a few relatives who can help, it would be a good time to call in a favor or offer dinner at the new place in exchange for a little help. Even a few extra hands for a few hours can make a big difference.

5. Schedule pro movers ASAP.

As soon as you find out you have to move, reach out to professional movers to schedule a moving truck and some professional help. Keep in mind that some moving companies stay pretty busy with their services in high demand. The sooner you can secure a spot for service, the better.

Take the Sting Out of Rushed Move with Professional Help

Having a professional moving company on-site for a hurried move means you can carry larger loads at one time. And possibly get help with packing, packing supplies, and even securing storage if needed. Reach out to a professional household moving company in your area to get the help you need during a last-minute relocation from one home to the next.