Making a Move With Pets? Suggestions for a Smooth Transition

You’re moving – the list of things you need to do seems endless. Your days are filled with setting up utilities, making travel plans, boxing things up, and more. No matter how many things you check off, more seem to be added. For many people, this can result in a high-stress level and a sense of being overwhelmed. 

It’s important to remember that you’re not the only one who is feeling this way. Your pets are getting ready for a huge adjustment too. They’re depending on you to get them through the moving process. 

While helping your pets adjust to a new home can be a challenge, it’s far from impossible. Here are some tips.

Provide Plenty of Snuggles

You love your pet – don’t forget to let them know it during your move. Take time out of your busy schedule to give your pet some extra playtime, exercise, and cuddles. Spending some time together will reassure your pet that not everything is changing. You’ll also benefit from taking some time to relax with your pet.

Keep the Routine

Your pet knows what to expect on a daily basis right now, and that’s all about to change. Keep a sense of consistency for your pets whenever you can. This can mean keeping them on their regular eating schedule. It can also mean taking them to a dog park they know and love, if possible. Providing their favorite treats can help too. Keep their bedtime and wake up time on a schedule, and make sure they get their regular exercise.

Expect An Adjustment Period

Just like the human members of your family, it will take your furry friends some time to settle in. It’s normal for unusual behaviors to arise as you move into your new home. Struggles with pets may include chewing, urinating in the house, becoming destructive, or showing anxious behavior. Try not to worry – these behaviors usually dissipate as your pet gets used to their new home.

Baby Steps When It’s Time To Explore

Your pet is curious, and you love to watch them explore. While it’s fun to watch your pet get used to their new home, take it slow. Limit your pet to one room at a time to start. Slowly expand the area they can explore. This will stop them from becoming overwhelmed and help them to feel safe.

Talk With The Vet

Your vet knows the nuances of your pet’s health and behavior. They’ll be able to give you unique tools and tricks to help your pet settle into your new home. 

Moving is never easy, but you and your pets will settle into your new home in good time. Take it slow, and if you have any questions, reach out to your vet.