Getting Prepped For Your Move: It’s Not Just About Packing

Are you preparing for a residential move? You’re likely overwhelmed with all you have to do. Much of your time is spent trying to organize the endless sea of boxes littering your home, and the packing can feel all-consuming. 

Organizing your belongings is an essential part of the moving process. But, there are a few other areas to pay attention to before saying goodbye to your old home for good.

Check Cell Phone Service

If you’re relocating far from your current home, check the cell phone coverage map for your new area. You may find that you have spotty coverage in your new area. It might be time to switch cell phone providers before you leave home. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your new house and struggling to make phone calls. Be sure your service extends to your new home.

Notify Credit Card Companies

Give your credit and debit card companies a call. When you begin to make purchases on your way to your new home as you’re getting settled in your new area, your bank may flag your card for fraud, temporarily limiting your access to money. 

When you call your bank before you move, let them know your new address and the approximate dates that you’ll be traveling to your new home. This will allow your bank to lift any fraud alerts on your account during that time, allowing you to make purchases along the way without any hassle.

Learn About Your New Area

Become familiar with your new community before you arrive. There are many ways to get excited about where you’re headed. 

Join social media groups that let you get to know people in your new neighborhood. Scope out the local restaurant scene. Maybe even make a reservation for the first week that you’ll be in town. Keeping up with some of your old routines. Going to the gym, working out on local running trails, taking your kids to the library —  are great ways to keep your stress levels low as you adjust to your new environment.

Pack an Essentials Bag

You may feel like you never want to pack another bag in your life. But it’s key that you have a bag of essentials with you as you go through the moving process. No matter how organized your packing process is, the last thing you’ll want to do when you arrive in your new home is to have to sort through boxes trying to find your contact solution or a hairbrush. Having a vacation-type bag with you is a great way to keep the essentials nearby.

Moving Is Worth the Effort

If you’re in the midst of the moving process, you may be frustrated and swearing up and down that you’ll never move again. Moving is hard and stressful. But, it will be well worth it when you’re relaxing in the comfort of your new home.

If you feel overwhelmed, remember to take things one step at a time, crossing tasks off your list as you go. Before you know it, you’ll be kicking up your feet in your new living room.