The Day Before The Movers Arrive: Your To-Do List

The big day is just around the corner. The house is sold, your boxes are packed, and it’s almost time to move into your new home! As you prepare for the household movers to arrive, there are a few last-minute things that you’ll want to do before they do.

Do A Walkthrough

Complete a final walkthrough of your home, and then do it again with a friend. Another set of eyes can help ensure that you didn’t miss anything. Don’t forget to check the cabinets above the fridge, the storage space in the garage, the shelves in the guest bathroom, etc. Scour the place to make sure that nothing is left behind.

Get Outside

In addition to doing a walkthrough of the inside of your home, do a walkthrough of the outside as well. Toys, hoses, and pet equipment are often left behind.

Clearly Label Your Essentials Kit

You should have an essentials box packed with everything you need to get you through until you have all of your boxes to unpack at your new home — you don’t want this box to get packed on the moving truck! Clearly label this box “Do Not Pack” or ‘Essentials Box.” Put the box in your car or on your porch. Allow no room for error when it comes to the things you’ll need to make it through the first few days or so as you get settled into your new home.

Pack Your Car

If you’re driving to your new home and its a long-distance, you’ll want to pack your car with comfort items to make the trip more pleasurable. Pack up games for the kids, pet supplies, and snacks and drinks for everyone to eat on the road trip. Make sure you place this box in a safe but accessible spot within the car.

Take Out The Trash

Don’t forget to take out the garbage for the last time. It’s crazy to think about, but many times, a full trash can gets packed right along with other belongings. Take your trash, and reach out to your homeowner’s association or trash company to find out what you need to do with your large, outdoor trash can. If you find that you need to bleach or otherwise clean the trash can, get that done before the movers arrive.

Clear a Space

Clear the driveway before movers arrive. Remove your car from the driveway so that your vehicle isn’t blocked in by the moving truck. Moving your car will also allow the moving company space to work.

Let your neighbors know about your moving schedule and ask for their cooperation ahead of time. Request that they do not park in front of your home on the day of the move. Tell them when the moving truck will arrive and how long it should be there.  

Then make sure you do the same at your new home. If you’re moving locally, go to your new house before the move, and as a courtesy, notify your new neighbors about the moving truck schedule.

Moving Made Easy

Follow these helpful tips for prepping for moving day and your move will be a breeze.

Do you need help packing? Or, maybe you need help moving. Contact us for a free quote today. We can make your move easy.