Household Valuation

Valuation Through United Trucking

Cargo & Property Valuation

  • Schroeder Moving has been authorized by your company to arrange for valuation on your household move in accordance with your corporate relocation policy.
  • Your Schroeder Moving Counselor will ask you to select a valuation amount that will protect your entire shipment at today’s replacement cost.
  • The Household Goods Descriptive Inventory is a legal document indicating the condition of your goods at the time of loading.
  • Damaged or missing items must be documented on the Household Goods Descriptive Inventory at the time of delivery, to assist in a positive claims evaluation.
  • We encourage every customer to elect to check off their shipment on the Inventory Control form at the time of delivery.
  • Any claim filed on items missing, but not noted on the inventory control form will be denied.
  • If you have a claim to report, please contact your Schroeder Moving Counselor immediately.

Your Policy

Your company has authorized Full Replacement Value Coverage.

  • The carrier is responsible for damages and loss that are considered preventable.
  • Full Replacement Valuation compensates you for the repair or replacement, whichever is the lesser amount, of a damaged item.
  • Items that are verified as missing are compensated at the current replacement cost for the same item, if available, or the current replacement of similar model.
  • The value you declare for your household goods will be the maximum settlement provided should there be a catastrophe and a total loss of your shipment.
  • Because you are the only individual who would have knowledge of the true value of your household goods, your counselor would be unable to guide you on a specific and appropriate dollar amount of coverage that you will need to select.
  • Should your declared value exceed your company’s policy allowance, you may be required to pay for the additional coverage costs. Your counselor can review this with you.
  • For additional coverage, contact your Schroeder Moving Counselor prior to the moving date.

High Value Items

  • High Value Items Form
  • Items with a value that exceeds $100.00 per pound are considered to be High Value Items and must be declared in writing in advance of load day.
  • You will be asked to itemize high value goods on a High Value Inventory form
  • You must acknowledge your receipt of that document on the Bill of Lading, which the van operator presents on the day of loading.
  • Claim settlement on items not listed on the High Value Inventory will be limited to a maximum payment of $100 per pound.
  • Should a high value item be damaged or lost in the move, documentation of value, original receipt, or current appraisal may be required prior to receiving compensation.

Protecting Your Possessions In Storage

  •  Your goods are covered by the initial Valuation Coverage while in storage for up to 180 days, unless you elect to convert to permanent storage before the 180 days are up.
  • After 180 days your shipment will convert to permanent storage.
  • The charges to continue coverage depends on the location of the storage facility.
  • Your Schroeder Moving Counselor will contact you before 180 days have passed to discuss further coverage needs.

What Isn’t Covered ?

You will want to take these items with you:

Acts of God

• Discuss this coverage with your Schroeder Moving Counselor.

Pairs And Sets

– Computer Diskettes– Pets– Securities
– Furs– Perishables– Stamp Collections
– Jewelry– Personal Papers– Watches
– Money– Plants

What Valuation Does Not Cover

  • Climate or Atmospheric conditions
  • Operational failure (of the item) of a mechanical or electrical nature.
  • Acts of war or terrorism
  • The insurer’s liability only covers the replacement or repair of damaged items unless your company’s policy specifically includes pairs and sets.

Residence Damage

  • Damages to your residence must be documented on the van operator’s paperwork at the time the damage occurs or the residence damage claim will be denied.
  • Immediately contact your Schroeder Moving Counselor to report residence damage.

Self Insured