What to Expect on Loading Day

On the day your shipment loads, there are details you must cover with your van operator before he departs with your belongings.

  • You, or your representative must be present on move day.
  • Before loading – fill out a Bill of Lading. This outlines the value of the items you will be moving. You must valuate your items (declare a total value) and sign this Bill.
  • Check over the inventory to make sure all items are listed and have been loaded.
  • It is your responsibility to perform a complete room/household inspection.
  • Give the driver directions and a telephone number where you can be reached while in transit, and at your new residence.
  • Discuss possible delivery dates with the van operator.

Before anything is loaded, the van operator will review the inventory. Every item or box that is transported will have an inventory sticker and be listed on the physical inventory. All furniture will be pad wrapped to protect the finish and upholstered items will be shrink wrapped in plastic to keep them clean. How long loading takes depends on your shipment size. All items will be loaded in a careful manner so that there is no shifting of items during transport. Where appropriate, our crews will place floor protection in your home before loading.

Sign Here Please
Several documents will require your signature. Please read these documents before you sign. Your signature is evidence of services provided.

Items that will add a charge to your bill and will require your signature:

  • Additional pick-up/delivery
  • Appliance service
  • Cartons used for packing
  • Cartons unpacked
  • Elevator usage
  • Heavy/bulky items such as boats, riding mowers, pianos, hot tubs, etc.
  • Inventory – this must be checked off and signed prior to departure.
  •  Long carry – the first 75 ft. from your residence to the van is FREE; each additional 50 ft. will result in a long carry charge.
  • Stairs – there is no charge for stairs inside the home; for outside stairs, anything more than seven steps is an additional charge.
  • High Value Items – check with your Schroeder Counselor.
  • Weekend, holiday and after 5 p.m. deliveries should be authorized by your company or there could be an extra charge to you.