Hot Tub

  • Drain the tub and remove all plumbing.
  • The carrier will charge a special handling/shipment fee that requires authorization from your Schroeder Counselor, according to your company policy.

Swing Set/Play system

  • May need to be disassembled for transportation. Your Schroeder Counselor can arrange disassembly and reassembly for you.
  • Please note that your swing set or play system may require some structural reconfiguration at your destination home if the space and grading of the property is different from the origin location.
  • It is normal for wood to warp once a play set or play system has been disassembled. Replacement of warped wood and/or rusted hardware would not be covered under the transit policy.

Lawn mower / Gas operated Lawn Equipment

  • Drain gas and oil and clean thoroughly.
  • Large lawn tractors may require special approval according to your company policy.

Lawn Furniture

  • Must be clean and inspected for any insects.