Your electronics may need special attention before they can be transported safely.

Home Computer

  • For specific questions on protecting the hard drive call your authorized dealer.
  • Disconnect all wires.
  • Original packing containers are recommended, if available. If not, make sure the van line packs all components.
  • At the new residence, allow the system to warm to room temperature before connection at destination.
  • Your cargo coverage does not cover the transport of diskettes or tapes. We recommend you transport these separately.

Satellite Dish

  • Contact an electrician or dealer to disassemble and reassemble.
  • Your carrier will charge a special handling/shipment fee, which requires authorization from your Schroeder Counselor according to your company policy.

Stereo Equipment

  • Original packing containers are recommended, if available.
  • Disconnect all wires and mark them accordingly.
  • At your new residence, allow all components to adjust to room temperature (approximately 24 hours).


  • No special packaging required for most models.
  • Smaller models may be packed if safer for transporting.
  • Big/wide screen televisions may need crating and need 24 hours to adjust to room temperature before connection at destination.
  • Plasma televisions require crating for safe transport. Please advise your Schroeder Counselor in advance of pack day that you have this specialty item.

Microwave Oven

  • Remove and pack all glass trays separately.
  • Clean thoroughly (especially important if shipment goes to storage).

Ceiling fan/Chandelier

  • Prior to move an electrician must disconnect the fixtures.
  • These fixtures will need special packaging.
  • Ask your Schroeder Counselor about scheduling service at origin and destination.


  • Contact your dealer or manufacturer for instructions on how to prepare for a move.
  • It is your responsibility to remove all toner cartridges. The carrier does not remove toner cartridges, and damages caused by toner spillage are not covered under the transit policy.