Preparing for Movers

What Stays, What Goes
Before moving day arrives, there are a few things you should take care of in preparation for the arrival of our crew. Not everything in your home can be shipped in our vans.

    • Moving provides a great opportunity to sort through your belongings and leave behind the items you will never use again. This helps with shipment size and the amount you’ll have to sort through in your new home.
    • Items you must leave behind or take with you (we cannot ship them on our vans):
– Aerosol Cans – Frozen Foods
– Ammunition – Canned Carbonated Drinks
– Perishable food – Explosives
– Propane Gas Tanks – Corrosives
– Flammables – Paint/Thinners
– Bleach – Solvents
    • Movers cannot accept liability for the following items; you should arrange to transport these items by other means:
– Cash – Furs – Family Photos
– Coins – Groceries – Securities
– Contact Lenses – Jewelry – Plants
– Deeds – Pets – Personal Papers
– Eyeglasses – Prescription Medicine – Computer Tapes
    • If your goods are going into storage or if you are traveling ahead of the movers you may want to keep these documents with you:
– Appliance Instructions – Life Insurance Policies
– Appliance Measurements – Real Estate Documents
– Appraisals – School Records
– Birth Certificates – Tax Returns
    • Plan to load these items last so they are accessible when you arrive at your new residence;Designate a space to stack these items before the packers arrive and then plan to load them last so they are easily accessible upon arrival at your new residence.  
– Baby Articles – Light Bulbs
– Can Opener – Sheets, Pillows, & Blankets
– Clock – Toilet Paper
– Telephone – Extension Cord
– Paper Towels – Tools
– Vacuum Cleaner – Paper Plates and Cups